29 June 2020

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Product Review: The Medical Futurist About the D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope

The Medical Futurist works for making a bold vision about the future of healthcare reality today. In its latest article, the team with the help of Dr. Cserháti tested and reviewed the D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope.

"It’s a winner when it comes to examining fidgety children and disabled patients. Furthermore, in the time of a pandemic, not being right up another person’s face is a huge advantage as well. And not just this time, really."

We are sure that ophthalmology will benefit from telemedicine and innovative devices to increase patients' comfort. In this manner the D-EYE results to be a useful digital device.

"Traditionally, fundus exams are uncomfortable for the patients: the light of the device is strong, the doctor is just a few centimetres away from their face while they’re required to stay still for the duration of the procedure.
The D-EYE smartly resolved these issues. The light they use is not that blinding, but it’s not as customisation either. There’s no need to be so close to anyone, we only need to move the phone near the eye. And this means it’s easier to follow or correct patients’ movements."

Link to the Medical Futurist's article: t.ly/sTWI

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