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11 March 2019 Events

Italian Innovation Days 2019

ITALIAN STARTUPS CONNECTING TO WESTERN AUSTRALIA This year, the Italian Innovation Days will be held in Perth, Western Australia in...

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15 October 2018 News releases

Disrupting Eye Healthcare: D-EYE on CB Insights

The eye healthcare industry is attracting more attention than ever. The eyes are the window of our health and they can offer important...

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11 October 2018 News releases

Medica Trade Fair 2018

The world’s largest medical exhibition will be taking place across 4 days in November, 12th-15th. This will be D-EYE's ...

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24 July 2018 Clinical Papers

Nature Scientific Reports: Smartphone ophthalmoscopy, a potential replacement for the direct ophthalmoscope

Nature Scientific reports published a paper about the commercial evaluation of the D-EYE, compared to the traditional direct...

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09 July 2018 Research Studies

Nature Scientific Reports: Undilated versus dilated monoscopic smartphone-based fundus photography for optic nerve head evaluation

The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of pupil dilation on image quality in optic nerve head (ONH) imaging and vertical...

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11 June 2018 Events

Innov-Aging 2018

D-EYE is one of the startups that will showcase at the Innov-Aging Congress that will be held in Ancona on June 21-23. Innov-Aging is...

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18 May 2018 News releases

D-EYE at Pioneers 2018

Next week, D-EYE will be at the international event Pioneers 2018 that will be held in Vienna on May 23-25.

Come and visit us! 

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06 April 2018 Events

D-EYE at Cosmofarma 2018 

D-EYE will be at Cosmofarma Exhibition 2018 in Bologna on 20-22 April. Find us at the Startup Village, area dedicated to innovative...

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31 March 2018 News releases

D-EYE Chosen By Italian Innovation Day Selection Commitee To Be Showcased At The Italian Embassy In Tokyo May 30, 2018

Padua, Italy – March 30, 2018 – D-EYE™, a leading developer of advanced devices for mass health screenings and data...

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08 February 2018 News releases

D-EYE at Innovators Award 2018

Milan, February 8, 2018: Innovators is the story of Italian know-how in the age of technological innovation. It is the tale of six...

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