Rural Telemedicine Program

We support the Rural Telemedicine Program in remote areas in Asia and parts of SA

Project Description

Considering the value of technological screening tools for early diagnosis of eye diseases and telemedicine in geographically remote areas.
The Rural Telemedicine Program consists in an educational program on eye health for coffee growers and their families with related eye and vision screenings (visual acuity and colour vision tests), intraocular pressure tests and ophthalmoscopies. Patients affected by eye diseases are treated in qualified clinics.

People involved

Patrick Tam is an ophthalmologist in private practice in Hong Kong. He is also a coffee professional who travels to meet some coffee farmers in Africa and Latin America.

He is working with the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health on a sustainable charity program named "Vision for Coffee", which aims to promote ocular health among this group of underprivileged farmers. This is in accordance with the VISION 2020 campaign promoted by the WHO.


The doctor says: "Assessing the optic disc of elderly patients with the D-EYE is amazing"

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