D-EYE for Neurologists 

The optic nerve is considered the most important cranial nerve, a sort of window into our brain. Knowledge of retinal abnormalities may be associated with neurological diseases such as tumors, vascular diseases and multiple sclerosis. 
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation estimates that this pathology affects more than 400,000 people in the United States and about 2.5 million people around the world.

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An Innovative Digital Direct Ophthalmoscope for your Smartphone

D-EYE is an ideal retinal screening system for Neurologists.
Record high-definition images and videos of the fundus with your smartphone in just a few seconds.
Send and share your files with no PHI through instant messaging services, social media or via LAN with your personal computer. You can also create a PDF Report of the exam including PHI, your images and notes.

The Ideal Ophthalmoscope for Neurologists

D-EYE uses light from the smartphone’s LED, which is 50 times less intense than the one used by traditional ophthalmoscopes, to illuminate the interior of the eye for examination. 
Capture images and videos of particular pathologies and condition such as Papilledema, Neuritis and other retinal disorders. Screen the optic nerve without dilation drops in just a few seconds
User-friendly and non-invasive: the D-EYE increases patient comfort.

The D-EYE Digital Retinal Camera is a front line screening tool for Neurologists. It allows you to record high-definition videos and images of the posterior pole of the eye and retinal pathologies such as Papilledema and Retinal disorders. A potential tool for telemedicine consultation that allows you to share your files with Ophthalmologists for further evaluation of specific medical conditions. D-EYE uses light from the smartphone’s LED, which is 50 times less intense than the light used by traditional ophthalmoscopes, increasing patient comfort.

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