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D-EYE and the D-EYE 2.0 Application are available for iPhone 5/5S/SE; 6/6S; 6Plus/6S Plus; 7/8.
The D-EYE Smartphone-Based Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to your iPhone, creating a device capable of recording high-definition video and still images of the posterior segment of the eye for health screening and clinical evaluation.
D-EYE™ Introduces ImageSelect™ Application Upgrade to Enhance Retinal Examination Results and Sharing Capability.

The new features are:

Focus setup

Set the camera focus step-by-step before starting the examination, following the guide on the screen of the smartphone. The app sets up the focus accurding to the refractive error of the patient. 
Just follow the on-screen instructions on the D-EYE App.

Medical Records

The new review information list includes:  Patient Name, Examined Eye (rigt OR left), Recommendations, Diabetes Info, Assessments, Notes and Visual Acuity.
The D-EYE App creates a patient profile including the following fields: Name, Surname, Date of Birth.

Capture Frame from Video

Select specific frames from a 30-second video and save them as individual images inside the patient record .

PDF Report

A (confidential) PDF report including specific medical information and the exam results can be generated from the application

Improved Sharing

A new LAN share features moves the onboard application based HIPAA compliant patient file from the App to a local network for Windows PCs and Macs. This type of operation allows users to share data with Patient Information (PHI).

Images and videos with no patient information can be sent via email, instant messaging, social media and Apple AirDrop™: multiple colleagues can assist with further assessment and clinical evaluation.

Image Editing

Edit and improve the quality of your images with professional filters and adjustments.

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