Our Vision

D-EYE is a Digital Window to the Body. A revolutionary approach to retinal examination that will provide access to eye health everywhere.

Enabling Telemedicine and Improving Access to Vital Health Services

Introducing D-EYE

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Our Sight-Saving Mission

Nearly 300 million people around the world suffer visual impairment. 240 million of those cases could be prevented or cured.

But first they must be screened and detected.

Increased patient comfort,

and a permanent visual record

More convenient than an ophthalmoscope and patient-friendly, 

D-EYE captures a lasting image and connects the care team,

wherever they are.

Simple - Effective - Affordable

The innovative D-EYE Portable Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to a smartphone creating a handheld direct ophthalmoscope for vision care screening and evaluation.

Finally, a pocket-sized ophthalmoscope that goes where patients are.